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  1. James E. West Fellow Award Wall Certificate

    James E. West Fellow Award Wall Certificate

    This certificate is for recipients of the James E. West Fellow Award, and can be personalized with donors’ names, date of gift, and council name. Named in honor of James E. West, who served as the first Chief Scout Executive of the BSA for over 30 years, the award recognizes individuals and chartered units who contribute $1,000 or more in cash or securities to a local council endowment trust fund. (Consult the Awards section at for details.) Learn More
  2. Geology Merit Badge Pamphlet

    Geology Merit Badge Pamphlet

    This merit badge takes rock hunting to a new level. Plus, with the options to choose from, you can focus on the area of geology that interests you the most. Learn More
  3. Dog Care Merit Badge Pamphlet

    Dog Care Merit Badge Pamphlet

    Proper care of man’s best friend takes more than a few kibbles and a bowl of water, as you will discover while you work on the Dog Care merit badge. Learn More
  4. Dentistry Merit Badge Pamphlet

    Dentistry Merit Badge Pamphlet

    After learning about the history of dentistry, you will come to appreciate the perks of modern dentistry. We can all be thankful the profession has come a long way since the days of the tooth worm. Learn More
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