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  1. Exploration Merit Badge Pamphlet

    Exploration Merit Badge Pamphlet

    On Backorder Until 12/15/2016
    The Exploration Merit Badge is intended to teach the basic components for an expedition. Learn More
  2. Pistol Safety and Marksmanship Pocket Certificate

    Pistol Safety and Marksmanship Pocket Certificate

    This pocket certificate is a single card used to recognize a Scout’s completion of BSA’s Pistol Safety and Marksmanship Training program. Certificate is signed and dated by the instructor to verify the training has occurred. Learn More
  3. Troop/Team Records Book

    Troop/Team Records Book

    This book is designed to be used by the Troop Treasurer to help keep accurate records of the Troop’s finances pertaining to:
    • Supervision of money-earning projects
    • Camp savings plan
    • Annual troop budget
    • Other fees, contributions, and expenditures, as needed
    Learn More
  4. Beaver Bolo

    Beaver Bolo

    Animal Bolos designed by Gary Dollar Bolos, Inc. Animal bolos are made out of resin, hand-painted and outfitted with a 18" bolo cord with wood tips. Learn More
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