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  1. Webelos® Uniform Inspection Form

    Webelos® Uniform Inspection Form

    A great resource to refer to when conducting uniform inspections in Webelos dens of a Cub Scout pack. Form indicates the proper display of badges, awards, rank, and other insignia. It also describes the proper way to wear the various components of the Webelos uniform. Learn More
  2. Den Chief Training

    Den Chief Training

    This material is no longer available in print. The den chief training is available online. Begin earning the den chief badge and cord by completing a few fun exercises online. Please visit the follow page on the website to start your training online: Learn More
  3. BSA® Guide to Awards and Insignia

    BSA® Guide to Awards and Insignia

    On Backorder Until 06/20/2015
    This pamphlet presents detailed information to enable BSA members to wear the correct and complete uniform on all suitable occasions. Includes instructions for placement of awards and insignia on uniform. Learn More
  4. Guide to Advancement

    Guide to Advancement

    On Backorder Until 06/07/2015
    The official source for administering advancement in all Boy Scouts of America programs:
    • Cub Scouting
    • Boy Scouting
    • Varsity Scouting
    • Venturing
    • Sea Scouts
    Updated edition includes Frequently Asked Questions, Internet Advancement Highlights, and a helpful Appendix. This guide replaces the Advancement Committee Policies and Procedures (item #33088) and Guide to Advancement (item #614448), which are no longer valid. Learn More
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