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  1. American Labor Merit Badge Pamphlet

    American Labor Merit Badge Pamphlet

    While earning this merit badge, Scouts will learn about working people and work-related concerns, including working conditions, workplace safety, hours, wages, seniority, job security, equal-opportunity employment and discrimination, guest workers, automation and technologies that replace workers, unemployment, layoffs, outsourcing, and employee benefits such as health care, child care, profit sharing, and retirement benefits. Learn More
  2. Conservation Handbook―Updated for 2016!

    Conservation Handbook―Updated for 2016!

    On Backorder Until 06/16/2016
    Updated for Scouts, Scout Leaders, Land Managers, and Conservation Organizations, this 2016 edition is expanded to include the role of conservation in Scouting, how Scouts can become effective stewards of the environment, the value of partnerships between Scouts and managers of public and private lands, and specific skills for getting good work done. This book highlights the BSA’s century-long involvement with conservation and the powerful role that caring for the environment can have for today’s Scouts and the land itself. This publication will help Scout leaders establish positive relationships with land managers and includes projects tailored to the needs of Scouts. Learn More
  3. Eagle Scout® Recognition Coin

    Eagle Scout® Recognition Coin

    On Backorder Until 02/16/2016
    Redesigned for today’s Eagle Scout, this new recognition coin can be used to reward Scouting’s highest achievement. Front of coin features the Eagle Scout medal atop a translucent-blue starburst background with “Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle” lettering around the outer edge. Back includes an excerpt from the Eagle Scout Promise with room for engraving initials, name, or date around edge (outer edge will accept rotary engraving). Coin comes in a clear-top acrylic box. Learn More
  4. Merit Badge Application Card

    Merit Badge Application Card

    A Boy Scout completes one of these “blue cards” before beginning work on a merit badge. Sold as single sheet with three cards (printed front and back); each sheet is perforated for easy card separation. Each card is micro-perforated for easy folding. For use with the ScoutBook app for printing via personal computer/printer. Learn More
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