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  1. KidzLabs® 4M® Spy Science Secret Messages Kit

    KidzLabs® 4M® Spy Science Secret Messages Kit

    This fun kit not only encourages imagination and critical thinking, it helps Tiger and Wolf Cub Scouts earn Adventure requirements. Ages 8+. Kit contains: ● Super Spy Journal (recording suspects and clues is an absolute necessity) ● X-ray Secret Notes (red and white encoded paper—can only be read with included Decoder) ● White Invisible Message Writer Pen (messages revealed with Message Developer) ● Black Message Developer (to develop messages written by secret pen) ● Secret Code Library (5 different alphabetical and numerical code systems, plus how-to section so you can make up your own) ● Morse Code Shutter Torch (perfect when Morse Code is your best communication) ● Cypher Wheel (a little help deciphering secret messages) ● Super Spy ID Card (for use as needed in interrogations) Learn More
  2. BSA® Stamp T-shirt

    BSA® Stamp T-shirt

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    Scout-approved and stamped with pride! Short-sleeve T-shirt features large, center-front graphic with “Boy Scouts of America—On My Honor—1910” lettering in a round stamp design. Athletic-fit, short-sleeve tee is made of pre-shrunk, ringspun 50% cotton/50% polyester. Denim Blue Heather. Imported. Learn More
  3. Mason Bee House Wood Kit

    Mason Bee House Wood Kit

    Kit enables Scouts to earn advancement in seven merit badges: Gardening, Environmental Science, Insect Study, Nature, Plant Science, Sustainability, and Woodworking. Mason bees are ideal pollinators for spring fruit trees, flowers and vegetables. These gentle bees are non-aggressive, adding beauty and activity to our yards and gardens. They do not produce honey. Learn More
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