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  1. Canoeing Merit Badge Pamphlet

    Canoeing Merit Badge Pamphlet

    For several centuries, the canoe was a primary method of travel for explorers and settlers. Today, it remains an important part of the wilderness experience and an enjoyable leisure activity that teaches communication, teamwork, and physical fitness. By using this pamphlet to earn your Canoeing merit badge, you’ll learn these building blocks for life and much more… just by putting your best paddle forward! Learn More
  2. Water Sports Merit Badge Pamphlet

    Water Sports Merit Badge Pamphlet

    Water sports are a fun and exhilarating way to enjoy being outdoors while developing strength, coordination, and fitness. This Merit Badge Pamphlet will help Scouts develop experience with participating in water sports and practicing good judgment, gaining skills that will serve them well for a lifetime and having extreme fun in the process! Learn More
  3. Complete Angler Emblem

    Complete Angler Emblem

    Embroidered emblem features images of three fishing merit badges with Universal Emblem and “Complete Angler” text on a blue background. Three-sided emblem measures 3½" high and includes button loop. Learn More
  4. Certified Angling Instructor Emblem

    Certified Angling Instructor Emblem

    Embroidered emblem features image of image of fish leaping out of water and “Certified Angling Instructor” text on a blue background. Round emblem measures 3½" diameter and includes button loop. Learn More