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  1. Law Enforcement Exploring Physical Fitness Proficiency Award Ribbon Bar

    The Law Enforcement Exploring Physical Fitness Proficiency Award ribbon bar is composed of five equal segments representing the five Olympic colors: Blue, Yellow, Black, Green and Red. The dimensions of the award bar are approx. 1/4" x 3/8". An Explorer may wear the Fitness Award ribbon bar upon earning a minimum score for their age group in the physical assessment component and achieving a minimum score on the cognitive assessment component. Learn More
  2. Explorer Law Enforcement Training Bar Ribbon

    Recognizes the accumulation of 60 hours of training in the following areas:

    • History of law enforcement (1 hour)
    • The contemporary law enforcement role (2 hours)
    • The criminal justice system (2 hours)
    • Radio procedures (2 hours)
    • Basic patrol procedures (3 hours)
    • Report writing (4 hours)
    • Criminal law (6 hours)
    • Juvenile law (2 hours)
    • Traffic law (2 hours)
    • Procedures of investigation (6 hours)
    • Human relations (4 hours)
    • Crime prevention (8 hours)
    • Accident investigation (4 hours)
    • Crime scene investigation (4 hours)
    • Fingerprinting and classification (4 hours)
    • Narcotics and dangerous drugs (2 hours)
    • Arrest and search (4 hours)
    Learn More
  3. Explorer Community Service Ribbon

    Acknowledges 100 hours of community service, including crowd traffic control, parking service, community events, etc. Service must be preapproved and logged by the Advisor. The recognition is a blue and yellow commendation bar. Learn More
  4. Explorer Crime Prevention Ribbon

    Includes the basic 8 hours of crime prevention instruction as well as an additional 8 hours of training in areas such as neighborhood watch, home security survey, and bicycle registration. The award is presented to Explorers who participate in at least three departmental crime prevention projects with a total of 25 hours of activity. The recognition is a green and gold commendation bar. Learn More
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