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  1. Cub Scout Family

    Cub Scout Family

    Original Price:$4.99 Current Price: $3.98
    Guidebook for the Cub Scout family program. Learn More
  2. Venturing Awards Chart

    Venturing Awards Chart

    Original Price:$4.99 Current Price: $3.99
    This chart has been designed to be used by Venturing Crews and Sea Scout Ships to keep track of Awards for each member of the crew. This is the same size as the BSA Troop Advancement Chart. Measures: 35 1/2" X 23" Learn More
  3. District Financial Committee Pamphlet

    District Financial Committee Pamphlet

    Original Price:$5.99 Current Price: $3.98
    This compact book explains how to structure finance volunteers in the district. It includes a council annual fund-raising time line. Here you will find the finance policies of the BSA. It also suggests how to help units with finance. Learn More
  4. Kidskills Basketry

    Kidskills Basketry

    Original Price:$12.99 Current Price: $3.99
    From the KidSkills series, these helpful books are designed to teach crafts to Scouts of all ages and all levels including beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Whether it’s leatherworking, woodworking, basketry, or wood-carving each book is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step written and visual guide with 20 fun projects that will inspire the young artisan as well as aid leaders. Soft cover; 72 pages. Learn More
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