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  1. Diamond Emblem Holder

    This new diamond shaped PVC emblem holder is great for Cub Scouts. It has four diamond shaped patch holders to fit Cub Scout ranks. There is a button hole at the top of the patch holder that secures on the button of the shirt pocket. Using this holder is convenient and sew free! It is approximately 5 1/4" x 6 1/2". Learn More
  2. Cubs & Bugs Galore Emblem

    Original Price:$1.19 Current Price: $0.24
    Themed emblems for the Cub program of the month. Learn More
  3. Cub Scout™ Blue & Gold Collectible 2013 Emblem

    Original Price:$1.39 Current Price: $0.98
    Cub Scout™ Blue & Gold Collectible Emblem For 2013. 3" X 3" Learn More
  4. Blue & Gold Emblem

    Original Price:$1.29 Current Price: $0.48
    Colorfully Embroidered Rewards for Cub Scout Achievements Say "Go You!" For everything but your uniform, these embroidered emblems can be displayed on jackets, patch vests, blankets, or in your collector’s binder... Learn More
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