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  1. A Scout is Reverent Framed (Print/Canvas)

    A Scout is Reverent Framed (Print/Canvas)

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    Reverence for God and Country is the backbone of the Scouting credo. Rockwell captured this reverence in the attentive expressions of the two Scouts in the church pew. And the awe and respect for the elder Scouts is written all over the fresh face of the young Cub behind them.The artwork is a reproduction printed on canvas, and framed with walnut stained furniture-finish wood molding.Available in two framed sizes. Learn More
  2. Alumni Window Cling Sticker

    Alumni Window Cling Sticker

    Original Price:$0.99 Current Price: $0.48
    Share your history and show your support when you display this in your vehicle, home, or office window. Featuring the BSA® Universal Emblem, this non-adhesive, static-cling design sticks to any glass-like surface and removes easily. Measures 2 1/4 inches x 4 1/4 inches. Learn More
  3. American Flag Custom Mat

    American Flag Custom Mat

    Blue certificate mat features versatile graphic design that can be used for many Scouting occasions. Designed to be used with our Eco-Friendly Recycled-Wood Certificate Frames (614794-95, sold separately). Can be used alone or for stylish certificate presentation. Comes with mounting sheet with instructions and measures 12" x 12½" overall . Learn More
  4. Black Eco-Friendly Recycled-Wood Certificate Frame

    Black Eco-Friendly Recycled-Wood Certificate Frame

    Original Price:$34.99 Current Price: $34.98
    Designed to be used with your choice of custom-mat design (614796 American Flag Mat, 614796 BSA Blue Mat, 616852 Trail to Eagle Mat, 616853 Cub Scout Certificate Mat, 616855 Wood Badge Mat ; sold separately). Black-finish frame includes easy-open door back and hanging hardware for easy assembly with mat and certificate. Inside opening, 12" x 12½"; each frame measures 13" x 13½" overall. Holds one 8" x 10" certificate. Made in the USA. Learn More
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