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  1. Badge Magic® Hemming Strips Kit

    8 - 11" x 1/2" hemming strips of Badge Magic. Hemming strips make strong hems easily and are completely washable and will hem up to four pairs of pants. Instructions are included. Goo Gone® may be used to remove glue once patches have been removed from garment. Drycleaning is also recommended but only if all patches have been removed. Patches attached with Badge Magic® may not remain adhered through drycleaning process. Learn More
  2. Webelos Colors

    Required wear for the official uniform. Dual clutch back. Learn More
  3. Sea Scout Coat Buttons

    Worn on a Sea Scout leader's coat. Priced per pair Learn More
  4. Sea Scout Cap Buttons

    Worn on a Sea Scout leader's cap. Priced per pair Learn More