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  1. Badge Magic® Hem Kit

    Badge Magic® Hem Kit

    8 - 11" x 1/2" hemming strips of Badge Magic. Hemming strips make strong hems easily and are completely washable and will hem up to four pairs of pants. Instructions are included. Goo Gone® may be used to remove glue once patches have been removed from garment. Drycleaning is also recommended but only if all patches have been removed. Patches attached with Badge Magic® may not remain adhered through drycleaning process. Learn More
  2. Webelos Colors

    Webelos Colors

    Required wear for the official uniform. Dual clutch back. Learn More
  3. Sea Scout Coat Buttons

    Sea Scout Coat Buttons

    Worn on a Sea Scout leader's coat. Priced per pair Learn More
  4. Sea Scout Cap Buttons

    Sea Scout Cap Buttons

    Worn on a Sea Scout leader's cap. Priced per pair Learn More