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  1. Blank Venturing Large Nameplate

    Blank Venturing Large Nameplate measureing 3" X 3/4". Learn More
  2. Blank Venturing Small Nameplate

    Blank Venturing Small Nameplate measuring 3" X 1/2". Learn More
  3. One-line Uniform Nameplate with Engraving

    Price From: $6.99
    3" plastic nameplates are available in two sizes for a one-line or two-line message up to 17 characters and the logo of your choice. Nameplates are black with white letters. OA nameplate is white with red letters. Clutch-back clasps. Learn More
  4. Outdoor Ethics Action Award Nameplate

    Nameplate includes the Outdoor Ethics logo under a protective clear coating on the left and is pre-printed with “Outdoor Ethics Action Award” across the bottom White-over-green plate will also display the award recipient’s name in green once engraved (engraving is included; maximum 18 letter spaces). Plate includes a small hole on far right for attaching various program devices. Available only in your local council trading post or Scout Shop with required paperwork. Please allow four weeks for delivery. Learn More
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