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  1. Blastcar™ Pro Body Tool

    Blastcar™ Pro Body Tool

    Original Price:$19.99 Current Price: $13.98
    Blastcar™ building instantly becomes more precise with this new, dual-function body tool! Designed to assist the builder in drilling axle holes for a square, true ride. Allows car to be built in either wide or narrow configurations. Tool also includes a drill-guide hole in center to ensure your race line loops are aligned for a straight, fast ride. Learn More
  2. 2013 Jamboree® Trekking Poles

    2013 Jamboree® Trekking Poles

    Original Price:$24.99 Current Price: $11.98
    Made of lightweight aluminum with tip protectors and three-section lockable extensions. Includes carry bag with Jamboree® logo. Learn More
  3. 2013 Jamboree® 48" Hickory Hiking Staff

    2013 Jamboree® 48" Hickory Hiking Staff

    Original Price:$23.99 Current Price: $11.98
    Take to the trail with Jamboree memories at hand. Crafted from American hickory, this handsome staff is fitted with a signature 2013 Jamboree® stamped leather fob and a sturdy leather hand strap engraved with Scout Oath. Learn More
  4. White Adult TrekTek™ T-Shirt

    White Adult TrekTek™ T-Shirt

    Originally Starting at:


    Starting at:


    Special Price: $12.99

    For hiking, biking, or sports, this tee delivers breathable, streamlined comfort without ever constricting movement. Imported. Learn More
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