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  1. Blastcar™ Start Launcher

    Blastcar™ Start Launcher

    Original Price:$69.99 Current Price: $48.98
    This BSA®-exclusive launcher is safe, accurate, and easy to use. Innovative, full-feature design adjusts high and low to accept cars of varying shapes and sizes and allow synchronized starting of any two car designs. Exclusive daisy-chain feature allows multiple launchers to be linked together for synchronized starting of four or more cars, a bonus no other launcher can offer. Packed with great features, this launcher is a great value at a competitive price! For Blastcar guidelines and instructions please click here. Learn More
  2. BSA® Crooked Creek Tent

    BSA® Crooked Creek Tent

    Original Price:$69.99 Current Price: $49.98
    Three-season tent provides plenty of space for two campers and their gear. Dome design holds up to windy conditions (no peaks or corners that add resistance) and offers more overall headroom than other tent styles. Learn More
  3. BSA® Deluxe Handbook Set

    BSA® Deluxe Handbook Set

    Original Price:$139.99 Current Price: $49.98
    For enthusiastic Scouters and serious collectors alike. Beautifully presented in a custom-design gift box are: the library-edition hardcover handbook with soft imitation-leather cover, a replica of the 1910 Boy Scout Handbook with hardcover with soft leather-like cover, and the handbook anniversary pamphlet. Learn More
  4. Camelbak® Blowfish 2L Hydration Daypack

    Camelbak® Blowfish 2L Hydration Daypack

    Original Price:$87.99 Current Price: $49.98
    Expandable cargo pack comfortably carries 70 oz. of water and the gear you need for 2+ hours on the trail. Learn More
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