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  1. Blastcar™ Wheel Mandrel

    Blastcar™ Wheel Mandrel

    Original Price:$9.99 Current Price: $6.98
    Accurately hold the Blastcar wheel in the chuck of any drill with this precision machined tool. The shaft includes a step-down that allows Blastcar wheels to be mounted with the spokes facing the drill chuck, which makes work on the inside edge of the tread much easier. The knurled and beveled thumb screw eliminates the need for a screwdriver to mount a wheel and ensures an accurate mount. Learn More
  2. CS Wood Journal Kit

    CS Wood Journal Kit

    Original Price:$16.99 Current Price: $3.99
    CS Wood Journal Kit Learn More
  3. Kit DMIAB S''more Summer Fun

    Kit DMIAB S''more Summer Fun

    Original Price:$37.49 Current Price: $9.88
  4. Pinewood Derby Thunderbolt Car Wrap

    Pinewood Derby Thunderbolt Car Wrap

    Original Price:$5.99 Current Price: $3.98
    Add high-velocity style to your racer with this glossy, photo-quality body wrap made from the same material used in professional motor sports. So easy... wrap requires no water, glue, or tape to stay perfectly in place! Vinyl car wrap is actually three pre-cut pieces that can be repositioned on the car body until you get them exactly where you want them. Then, use a flat, smooth edge to burnish wrap in place. Learn More
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