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  1. Rapid Rescue: Boys’ Life® Series (DK Reader – Level 3)

    Rapid Rescue: Boys’ Life® Series (DK Reader – Level 3)

    Original Price:$3.99 Current Price: $2.18
    Follow the twists, turns, terrors and triumphs of a group of brave, quick-thinking Boy Scouts as they employ decisive action and first-aid know-how to help others during a whitewater rafting trip. Although written for boys ages 8-10, "Rapid Rescue" will also appeal to girls of the same age. Learn More
  2. Cliffhanger: Boys’ Life® Series (DK Reader―Level 2)

    Cliffhanger: Boys’ Life® Series (DK Reader―Level 2)

    Original Price:$3.99 Current Price: $2.18
    Would you know what to do if you saw someone in grave danger? In this exciting addition to the Boys' Life Readers series you'll join a group of Boy Scouts during a rock-climbing trip when their bravery and decisive action - coupled with their first-aid know-how - helps to avert disaster when they spot another climber trapped halfway up a crumbling cliff face! Lively photos and illustrations highlight this story that quickly turns learning into an adventure. For ages 8-10; Reading Level 2 (beginning to read alone). Soft cover, 32 pages. Learn More
  3. Mammals Pocket Guide

    Mammals Pocket Guide

    Original Price:$5.95 Current Price: $2.98
    This pocket guide teaches how to identify the tracks, signs and habitats of more than 115 North American mammals. Can be used to help fulfill the Tenderfoot Scout Rank #5 Merit Badge. Learn More
  4. Really Big Things Book

    Really Big Things Book

    Original Price:$3.99 Current Price: $2.18
    See if you can wrap your arms around this collection of the world's biggest stuff! Stunning photographs combine with lively illustrations and engaging, age-appropriate stories. DK Readers is a multilevel reading program guaranteed to capture children's interest while developing reding skills and general knowledge. This Boys' Life series titled "Really Big Things" includes: really big animals, really big bulidings, really big vehicles, really big food, and more. Learn More