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  1. Backpacker Magazine’s Complete Guide to Outdoor Gear Maintenance and Repair Book

    Backpacker Magazine’s Complete Guide to Outdoor Gear Maintenance and Repair Book

    Original Price:$19.95 Current Price: $14.98
    Offering step-by-step techniques to maximize performance and save money, this book could save you hundreds of dollars on outdoor gear! Don’t retire a jacket just because it’s torn, or buy a new tent because the zipper broke… learn how to fix these problems and dozens more (so you can save your money for a dream trip!) by following the step-by-step gear maintenance and repair instructions in this large, trim, full-color handbook. Author Kristin Hostetter has been Backpacker Magazine’s gear editor since 1994. She is also known as the "Gear Pro" on where she answers questions from readers about all sorts of outdoor skills and gear. Soft cover, 200 pages. Learn More
  2. Boundary Waters Canoe Area Camping

    Boundary Waters Canoe Area Camping

    Original Price:$14.95 Current Price: $7.98
    Discover BWCA . . . the legendary destination for canoeists from around the world! This book is an excellent guide to canoe camping in this area where you can paddle a thousand pristine lakes and streams in more than a million acres of solitude and beauty. Guide covers basic paddle craft, plus safety and practice exercises for groups preparing for a multiday trip to BWCA. Soft cover, 171 pages. Learn More
  3. Cub Scout Family

    Cub Scout Family

    Original Price:$4.99 Current Price: $3.98
    Guidebook for the Cub Scout family program. Learn More
  4. Cub Scout History Book

    Cub Scout History Book

    Original Price:$19.99 Current Price: $13.98
    The First 75 Years of Doing Our Best is a celebration of Cub Scouting's anniversary. The book draws on Cub Scouting's first 50 years as was featured in the popular 1980 book, "This History of Cub Scouting", and continues the Cub Scout story through the 2005.This soft-cover book is filled with Cub Scout insights, photos, and priceless memories. This Limited Edition volume is a perfect gift for those who contribute to the success of the program. 136 pages, soft cover. Learn More
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