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  1. Activities and Civic Service Guide

    Activities and Civic Service Guide

    Original Price:$4.99 Current Price: $2.98
    This book shows how to plan major multi-unit activities. It has an exciting new section on civic service activities with 46 great ideas for community service projects. It helps meet the challenge of the BSA promise to provide 200 million hours of community service. Learn More
  2. District Financial Committee Pamphlet

    District Financial Committee Pamphlet

    Original Price:$5.99 Current Price: $3.98
    This compact book explains how to structure finance volunteers in the district. It includes a council annual fund-raising time line. Here you will find the finance policies of the BSA. It also suggests how to help units with finance. Learn More
  3. Self Evaluation Guide for Successful District Operation

    Self Evaluation Guide for Successful District Operation

    Original Price:$2.49 Current Price: $1.98
    Guide is made up of a servies of recommended standards used to help district volunteers evaluate how they are doing. Learn More
  4. On the Move Pamphlet

    On the Move Pamphlet

    Original Price:$1.99 Current Price: $0.64
    This book is another in the continuing series of "Den Meetings in a Box"® Cub Scout activity series. There are craft activities, puzzles, games, stickers and educational material to supplement an entire month of den meetings. "On the Move" phamphlet contents include: "The Early Days of Wheels", "Start your Motors', "Test your Reaction Time", "Road Scene Stickers", "Games and Puzzles", "Speed Machine", "Drag-Car Racers", and "Trackside Signals". Learn More
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