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Join the Tribe. Trading Post Nation


OK, so if you were part of the first-ever 2013 Jamboree at The Summit, you know―it was fantastic, and yes, being such a huge-scale first event, there were naturally some learning opportunities here and there. So... about those, we're here now to say: We heard you.

From transportation to time off, 2017 Staffers can expect an improved experience all around―cool ways that make your days run smoother, keep you more comfortable, and allow for more hands-on Jamboree fun. And if you're signed up to be a Trading Post Staffer, well, it just keeps getting better! As a Retail Operations Volunteer, you won't believe how quickly you'll feel connected to the people you're working and serving with... these are your Jambo people.

So, in that you-belong-here spirit, we're not just building teams of Trading Post Staffers for 2017... we're creating Trading Post Nation and individual TRADING POST TRIBES. Which one will you choose?

Gateway - UBE Tribe
Action Point – Rattler Tribe
Legacy – Lizards Tribe
Echo – Mogo Mogo Tribe
Foxtrot – Bulawayo Tribe
Transportation – Mirage Tribe

Jamboree Infographic

Download as PDF.

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Check out all the ways your staffing experience is improved for 2017!

We've heard your requests and our 2017 improvements show it.

  • New Bus Shuttles―Shorter Walks from Work to Tent
  • Enhanced Staff Village with Retail Food/Beverage Stands and an Athletic Area
  • Heated Showers
  • Laundry Service

Staff members receive the equivalent of one full day off (at minimum!) during the Jamboree. Be free – and enjoy areas outside your normal Jamboree work area.

All-in? Sign up for a full-term commitment and make life-long staffing memories. For the best of both worlds, choose a half-term (one-week) staff session.

Youth has its privileges! How about 50% off your Jamboree fee?
If you're staffer between the ages of 16 and 25 and you sign up for a full-term, your cost will be discounted from $850 to just $425!

Being a Staffer offers so many ways to serve, daily ways to make a difference in someone else's Jamboree experience. But as you meet Scouts and make friends from all over the country, the real winner is you!

When you’re a Trading Post Staffer who recruits other Staffers, we say thank-you in some very cool ways! Receive:

  • Unique patch design when you register as a Trading Post Staffer
  • A second unique patch for recruiting another Staffer
  • A third unique patch for recruiting a second Staffer
  • A cool, logo shirt for more than two recruitments
  • An Eddie Bauer® Fishing Shirt for more than five recruitments

To qualify for patches earned, you must return your Letter of Appointment. Send a note to and let us know who you are recruiting.

We will have your emblem(s) ready when you check in with your Trading Post Manager at the Jamboree.


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"A Day in the Life of a Trading Post Services Staff Tribe Member"

  • WAKE UP in your bunk-bed cot in a Basecamp Echo tent.
  • HIT THE SHOWER HOUSE now equipped with warmer, solar-heated showers.
  • HEAD TO BREAKFAST where all meals are served―in the Staff Dining Hall on the other side of Echo (about a 10-minute walk from your tent). Be sure to pick up your lunch for the day!
  • WALK to your Trading Post/Retail Store location (or, thanks to a new looping bus service, ride part-way if your TP is more than a 30-minute walk away).
  • START YOUR DAY which is usually a 6-hour shift (your shift start/end times will rotate and a day's shift times can vary due to event activities).
  • WORK YOUR POSITION which is your Trading Post role assigned for the duration of Jamboree (Cashier, Floor Assistant, Stockroom, Customer Service, Bag Check, etc.).
  • HAVE FUN as you learn there's never a dull moment working TP. And, every Jambo participant visits the TPs numerous times, so you're sure to see friends―and make new ones!
  • SHOP PREMIUM JAMBO MERCH when the lines are short and the stock is plentiful.
  • ENJOY FREE TIME because every staff member will have the equivalent of one day off (at the minimum!)―for sightseeing, participating in program activities, or just relaxing at camp.
  • GRAB SOME DINNER AND R&R―Staff camp will have areas for socializing, playing games, patch trading, watching movies, and just hanging out with your Trading Post Tribe Members.

We can't have a Jamboree for Scouts if there isn't a staff to run it! So we hope you will consider being a part of this amazing experience. Please consider joining us as a
Trading Post Services Staff Member at the 2017 National Scout Jamboree.

View the full version of "A Day in the Life of a Trading Post Services Staff Tribe Member".

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Jamboree Map

Download as PDF.

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To register, you will need a current BSA member ID and be prepared to pay the initial $150 fee. If you're 16-25 you will get a reduced fee of $425. Visit

When making your first, second and third staffing choices, be sure to scroll down to Logistics – Retail Operations and select your Trading Post choices.

Once registered, someone from our Jamboree team will follow up with you. Please email questions related to Retail Staffing to

Join the Tribe. Join the Tribe.
Join the Tribe. Join the Tribe.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Q&As):

What are the dates and location of the 2017 National Scout Jamboree?
Jamboree will be held Wednesday, July 19, through Friday, July 28, 2017, at the Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve in Beckley, WV.

As a Staffer, when should I plan to arrive?
Most staff (for Sessions 1 and 2?) will arrive on July 15; Staffers working Session 3? will start on July 22. Checking in on-site before your assigned arrival date will not be allowed.

Who can hold a Jamboree Staff position?
Staff positions are open to youth and adult men and women who meet the required qualifications as listed on Local councils determine who may participate at a National Jamboree.

Do I need special training to be a Staffer?
Staffers must complete Youth Protection training for both Boy Scout and Venturing programs (two separate courses) within one year of Jamboree. Staffers must be available to complete any Jamboree-specific training as deemed necessary by the service director of the area selected to serve. Staff members can be trained by individual coaching or in a formal group. Training course will include both personal responsibilities and camp operations.

How will I know if/when I’ve been selected/accepted as a Staffer?
When selected, the prospected staff member is notified via email that the status of their application has changed. The applicant will follow the directions in the email on how to accept or decline an offered position.

When applying for a Staff position, can I let them know my preferences as to where I’d like to work?
The staff application includes a section to list (in order of preference) three staff positions. The online application process does not guarantee a staff position, nor does it guarantee a staff position in one of the top three areas requested by the applicant. Every effort will be made to assign individuals to the staff group of their choice.

If I sign up as a Staffer, do I have to work the entire Jamboree?
There will be three staff sessions during the 2017 National Scout Jamboree to allow multiple staffing options.

Applicants will be able to select a session that best suits their schedule when applying to serve at the Jamboree:

  • Session 1 (July 15-29)―Full-Term
  • Session 2 (July 15-22)―Half-Term
  • Session 3 (July 22-29)―Half-Term

Is my entire fee due when I sign up?
Staff volunteer applicants are required to submit a $150 deposit upon submission of the staff application. No further payments are due until a staff position has been offered and accepted. Once a staff member accepts a Jamboree position, he or she is required to become current with the posted payment schedule within 15 calendar days of accepting the position. Visit for more information on fees and payment plans.

Can I choose who’s in my tent?
Staff members will be able to pre-select their tent-mates up to one month prior to the Jamboree.

As a Staffer, will I have time off to experience the Jamboree?
Staff members will receive the equivalent of one full day off (at minimum) during the Jamboree. Also, work hours will allow staff members an opportunity to visit and enjoy other areas of the Jamboree outside their work area. Plus, provisions will be made for those desiring to explore the local community during their day off.

Are there any medical or health requirements for Staffers?
Staff members must file a BSA Annual Health and Medical Record. Staffers must meet the medical and body mass index requirements.

How old do I have to be to be a staff member?
Staff members must be at least 16 years of age by the first day of the Jamboree.

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